For all children under 12 we offer a special 2-coursed menu each night, served at 18:30. This leaves the children time to eat and prepare for bed before their parents go to dine. There is also a playroom/TV-room on the second floor where children can hang out, and during the school holidays we normally have many children playing together. Not recommended for adults.
Serre Chevalier ski area is also perfect for children! There are multiple excellent ski-lifts for kids at different levels, and not just at the very bottom of the mountain. The areas with the best facilities for kids (or adults who have just started skiing) are:
  • Top of Aravet (2 very flat runs with a carpet-lift)
  • Top of Ratier (bigger area with both carpet lift and an easy drag lift)
  • Briancon Midstation (big area with carpet lift and two easy drag lifts. Fantastic view!
  • Bottom of Pontillas (medium easy drag lift and a little more diverse slope)
  • Bottom of Aravet (easy drag lift and very popular beginners slope)
  • By Chazelay (easy drag lift and good practice slope although many fast skiers passing)
Ski lessons for children
  • For French- or English speaking children there are a number of possibilities depending on their age and ability.
  • For the older kids, being in a ski group with other kids is usually a very fun experience.
  • For the smaller children the Piou-Piou Club is an option if they are keen to try out some skiing on very flat terrain.
  • There is one Swedish speaking ski instructor in the Valley, Sanna. Please contact us with details if this is an option for your child.
  • For smaller children who don’t ski, there is a creche for tourists which cost about €8,5 per hour per child.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask us at the hotel if we happen to know of any available babysitters. We do have a few in-house.